Russia claims Western & Ukrainian involvement in Moscow attack

MOSCOW: The head of Russia’s FSB security agency Alexander Bortnikov made startling claims on Tuesday, suggesting that Western and Ukrainian special services had assisted the attackers responsible for the recent deadly assault on a Moscow concert hall.

Video shows drone explosion above the Kremlin

Despite President Vladimir Putin acknowledging the involvement of “radical Islamists” in the attack, Russia continues to assert that Ukraine played a role.

Bortnikov alleged that the attack was orchestrated by radical Islamists with assistance from Western intelligence agencies. He also accused Ukraine’s special services of having direct involvement in the incident. These claims come amidst the Kremlin’s persistent assertion that the attackers attempted to escape over the Ukrainian border, a statement vehemently refuted by Kyiv.

Furthermore, Bortnikov implied that the attackers planned to be hailed as heroes upon crossing into Ukraine. However, he did not offer any evidence to support these assertions, and Ukraine has categorically denied any involvement in the attack.

While Islamic State (IS) jihadists have claimed responsibility for the assault, releasing graphic videos of the gunmen inside the venue, Bortnikov suggested that the identity of the mastermind behind the attack remains unknown.

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