Undersea nuclear drone

North Korea has conducted a test of its latest weapon, an underwater attack drone that, according to the country’s state broadcaster, is intended to generate a radioactive “tsunami.” When detonated below the surface, this drone produces massive radioactive waves that can strike enemy ships or coastal areas. It is capable of attacking nearly every port in South Korea, as well as Yokosuka Port in Japan, where the US army is stationed. The development of this underwater drone began in 2012, but the government has also tested other new weapons. During the test, North Korea launched four cruise missiles, referred to as ‘Hwasal-1’ and ‘Hwasal-2,’ with two of each type being launched. These latest North Korean tests are believed to be a response to the 11-day joint military drills recently conducted in the area by the US and South Korea. Experts believe that North Korea wants to display an increasingly diverse array of nuclear threats to its adversaries

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