Omid Scobie is trying to ‘cash in’ on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s royal rift

Royal experts are of the growing opinion that Omid Scobie is just attempting to ‘cash in’ on royal feud between Prince Harry and the Royal Family.

These revelations and admissions have been brought to light by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

He started the converastion off by addressing how “Much of Endgame is not likely to be taken seriously.”

Not to mention “It is likely to be a sensational attempt to cash in on the Sussexes’ rift with the royal family.”

Mr Fitzwilliams later went on to add, “I suspect it will be trusted as much as anything from the Sussexes’ corner should be.”

What might make matters worse is the fact that “It will be assumed to have been written with their approval as Finding Freedom provably was.”

Thus “What is really worrying is, what comes next” because “ironically it seems to be the Sussexes who, to quote Endgame’s blurb ‘fight for survival’ not the royal family.”

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