New Scottish leader Humza Yousaf appoints women-dominated cabinet. Newly appointed Pakistani-origin leader of Scotland, Humza Yousaf has appointed his cabinet and ministerial team and pledged to deliver a radical, ambitious and radical progressive policy agenda.

Yousaf was sworn in as Scotland’s first minister on Wednesday, becoming the first Muslim leader of a government in western Europe after winning the race of Scottish leadership on Monday.

Taking to Twitter, the 37-year-old announced appointing the members of his cabinet and ministers. He said that it was the first time that the Scottish Cabinet had more women than men.

He also promised to serve the interests of the people of his country.

“Delighted to appoint my Cabinet and Ministerial team, we will work to deliver a radical, ambitious and progressive policy agenda for the people of Scotland. First time, Cabinet has more women than men. We promise to work in the interests of all of Scotland,” he wrote.

Yousaf was spending the rest of Wednesday rounding out his cabinet after being administered the oath by Colin Sutherland, the lord president of Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session.

The new first minister vowed to “well and truly serve His Majesty King Charles III”, despite his stated support for abolishing the monarchy in favour of an elected head of state for Scotland.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak congratulated Yousaf in a phone call shortly after the youngest Scottish National Party (SNP) leader was confirmed as the first minister by the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

Yousaf said the call had been “constructive” — but that he had stressed to Sunak that “the democratic wishes of Scotland’s people and parliament” should be respected by London.

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