Imran’s Recovery Road Map

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), has issued a challenge to the current rulers of the country, urging them to provide a plan for rescuing Pakistan from its current crises. Speaking at a public rally in Minar-i-Pakistan, Khan presented his own roadmap for recovery and recalled the actions taken against him and his party since his government was ousted in April 2022. He questioned whether the establishment had a program to save the country and claimed that the incumbent rulers lacked the ability or intention to do so. Khan announced a 10-point program to pull Pakistan out of the economic crisis, including measures to attract foreign direct investment and promote tourism, revive small and medium industries, increase the tax net, and increase agricultural productivity with the cooperation of China. He also promised to regularize slums and take measures to stop money laundering and curtail the current account deficit.

The scheduled 9 pm start time of the public gathering was delayed due to road blockades, causing former prime minister Imran Khan to arrive at the venue after 11:30 pm. Upon his arrival, Khan was met with a charged crowd, including families waving PTI flags and dancing to party songs. Despite being postponed twice, the PTI public meeting continued into early Sunday. PTI supporters skirted around containers placed by the city administration on roads leading to Minar-i-Pakistan, claiming they were placed there for security purposes. These obstacles not only caused difficulties for PTI workers, but also for Lahore residents attempting to commute around the city. In addition to containers placed within the city, routes leading to the provincial capital were also blockaded, which PTI leaders interpreted as an attempt to discourage supporters from attending the rally.

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