Former UK PM resigns as MP over Partygate report

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to resign from his role as a Member of Parliament (MP) following an investigation by the House of Commons’ privileges committee.

The investigation was focused on whether Johnson knowingly misled Parliament regarding parties that violated COVID-19 rules held at Downing Street. In a statement, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with the committee’s proceedings, likening them to a “kangaroo court.”

Boris Johnson resigns as MP with immediate effect over Partygate report |  Boris Johnson | The Guardian

He asserted that no evidence had been presented to prove that he intentionally misled the Commons, emphasizing that he believed what he said was true and based on the information he had been provided, much like any other minister. Johnson admitted to correcting the record promptly once he realized any inaccuracies.

Johnson’s resignation as an MP has raised concerns and sparked discussions. Critics argue that his resignation honours list, which included peers, knights, and dames for his allies, was filled with individuals linked to cronyism and the ongoing partygate scandal. The list has drawn criticism for its alleged favoritism.

Johnson’s decision to step down as an MP with immediate effect will trigger a by-election in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, where he secured a significant victory in the 2019 elections. He has been serving as an MP since 2001, taking his responsibilities seriously.

While Johnson’s resignation is seen as a significant move, it does not necessarily mark the end of his political career. He left room for a potential comeback, stating that he was leaving Parliament “at least for now.” The timing of his resignation and the allegations against him will undoubtedly continue to fuel debates and speculation about his future in politics.

Johnson’s departure from Parliament comes amidst the ongoing partygate controversy, which has seen accusations of cronyism and the breaking of COVID-19 rules by government officials. Investigations and inquiries into these allegations have sparked public interest and scrutiny of the political landscape.

The resignation and the subsequent fallout highlight the deep divisions and challenges faced by the UK political establishment. The impact of Johnson’s decision and the outcomes of the investigations will undoubtedly shape the political landscape and public perception of those involved in the Partygate scandal.

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