UK Cabinet Secretly Weighs Eight Week Brexit Delay

British Cabinet ministers have held secret talks on how to delay the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, presently scheduled for March 29, British paper The Telegraph reported Tuesday night. The deal they seek would push Brexit back to May 24.

The publication reported the ministers hope to convince EU leaders to agree to a two-month-long “grace period,” if Prime Minister Theresa May can get Parliament to pass a Brexit deal, to allow time for Parliament to deal with more necessary legislation.

Parliament needs that extra time, since it hasn’t even passed the existing Brexit deal, negotiated in secret with the EU by May last Fall. Both her Cabinet ministers and the legislature were deeply incensed by the closed-door negotiations, which they felt gave the UK a bad deal, and as a result, Parliament has tried twice to remove her from power — with one attempt by her own party and one by the opposition — and adamantly refused to pass her Brexit deal. Both ouster attempts failed, and May remains prime minister of an increasingly shaky Conservative government.

However, it’s unknown whether Brussels will agree to a delay proposal, since EU leaders have so far refused any significant renegotiation of the deal they signed last year.

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