Woman With Alien Like Skull Unearthed In Russia


The remains of a woman, believed to be from antiquity, with an elongated alien-like skull has been found during excavations of an ancient burial site in southern Russia.

Since 2017 bones belonging to humans and numerous wild and domestic animals, along with a large number of ceramics, ornaments and bronze arrowheads have been discovered at the remarkable Gamurzievsky settlement in the city of Nazran, Ingushetia.

However this week’s discovery of a woman’s skeleton – which dates back to between the 4th and 6th century – is particularly unique because of the fascinating intentional deformation of her skull and neck.

The practice of changing the shape of one’s head, scientifically known as artificial cranial deformation (ACD), is a known tradition among many peoples of the world. Today, the result resembles Hollywood’s perception of what a alien from outer space might look like.

“History knows many examples of purposeful change in the shape of the head,” said a representative from the Yevgeny Krupnov Archaeological Center carrying out the dig.

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